Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook – NPCA

For Tuesday, October 26, 2021 this notice is intended to advise the public and local municipalities of the potential for flooding within the NPCA’s jurisdiction as it relates to the Niagara Peninsula and the eastern portions of Haldimand County and the City of Hamilton.

Over the last 48 hours approximately 16-48mm of rain has fallen on our saturated watershed with an additional 5-10mm currently being forecast to fall throughout the rest of the day and is predicted to continue into the early morning hours.

Water levels in our major watercourses (like the Welland River and 20 Mile Creek) are currently below critical thresholds and flooding of these watercourses is not anticipated at this time. However, the forecasted precipitation will likely result in flooding typically experienced in low-lying, flood prone areas.

Residents are urged to keep themselves, their children and their pets well away from streams and creeks as these watercourses may become hazardous. Local municipalities are advised to check for debris clogging culverts, catch basins and other storm infrastructure.

The NPCA will continue to monitor these conditions and will issue further messages as required. Information on the Flood Status in the watershed can be found on the NPCA’s website at:


This notice is in effect until 12:00 noon, Wednesday October 27, 2021, and will be updated as required.

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