Fort Erie’s annual accessibility status report released

FORT ERIE (November 18, 2021) Recently, Town of Fort Erie staff provided Council with its annual report outlining the Town’s accessibility status and initiatives.  

The annual status report highlights action taken by the Town of Fort Erie to ensure compliance with the AODA legislation and highlights the achievements of the Accessibility Advisory Committee based on the following six categories:

1) Commitment of Funding by Council;

2) Review, Comment and Implementation of the AODA Legislation;

3) Review of Site Plans/Secondary Plans/Park Development;

4) Removal of Barriers;

5) Representation/Interaction with Organizations; and

6) Other Accomplishments.

“We know that making Fort Erie accessible is a journey that cannot be completed overnight or alone. The Accessibility Advisory Committee has done a great job working with Council and the community to remove barriers for people with disabilities. We are working towards creating a barrier-free and inclusive town for today and future generations,” said Tom Kuchyt, CAO.

The report provides details of achievements made by the Accessibility Advisory Committee from October 2020 to October 31, 2021.

Click to read the full multi-year Accessibility Status Report.  


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