Road Closures

Sat, Dec. 11th – 6:30 pm | The following Roads are closed due to flooding & down power lines or trees.  Please use extreme caution if you are out on the roads.

Road Closures Currently In Place :
– Point Abino Road south of Erie Road
– Ridgeway Road at Crystal Beach Drive
– Lake Avenue at Crystal Beach Drive
– Terrace Lane
– Niagara River Parkway from Central Avenue to Queen Street (NPC)
– Lakeshore Road from Albert Street to Central Avenue
– Nigh Road from Mathews Road to Highway 3
– sunset Drive Garrison Road to Gilmore Road
– Bertie Street Pettit Road to Sunset Drive
– Thunder Bay Road Windmill Point Road to Nicolas Avenue
– Shirley Road Thunder Bay Road to Bethune Avenue

Crews are out working hard to clear debris.

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