Town Council approves changes to Short-Term Rental program

FORT ERIE (December 20, 2021) In 2020, the Town of Fort Erie launched a Short-Term Rental (STR) Pilot Program requiring all STR operators to apply for a licence in order to operate legally in Fort Erie. At the direction of Town Council, the Town’s STR program will be updated, effective January 4, 2022, to address feedback received from operators and community members.“

Town Council appreciates the importance of the short-term rental issue in Fort Erie. We understand the challenge of balancing the needs of our residents with those of STR operators and visitors to Town. This program is designed to regulate the increased demand for short-term rental accommodations while at the same time recognizing the desire of our residents to maintain the integrity of their neighbourhoods,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop.

The Council of the Town of Fort Erie has implemented a number of changes to the Short-Term Rental Program beginning January 4, 2022, include:

• increasing licence fee for STRs with one or two bedrooms to $750.00 and $1,250.00 for STRs with three bedrooms,
• the maximum occupant limits in a STR shall be as follows:
• 1 bedroom = maximum 4 people
• 2 bedrooms = maximum 6 people
• 3 bedrooms = maximum 8 people
• the maximum number of bedrooms in a STR shall be limited to three,
• STRs with more than three bedrooms are allowed to operate and additional bedrooms shall be closed off with appropriate signage posted on the door(s),
• annual fire and building inspections shall be carried out for each STR premises,
• the time limit for guests visiting renters of STRs shall be 11:00pm each day,
• the number of STR licences issued shall be limited to 250 in any given year with current licence holders being provided the first opportunity to renew a licence by March 31st provided the licence holder has complied with all rules (meaning 5 demerit points or less) during the previous year, and;
• an increase in penalty fines and demerits points for infractions.

There is currently a moratorium on accepting new STR applications as a result of Town Council’s review of land-use controls pertaining to STRs. However, 2021 STR licence holders will be able to renew their licence for 2022 when the application portal opens on January 4, 2022.

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