Environmentally Friendly Settlement has been reached in Waverly Woods Development

FORT ERIE (May 16, 2022) – The Town of Fort Erie is pleased to announce an Ontario Land
Tribunal settlement has been reached between the Town of Fort Erie, Community Voices of
Fort Erie, and 800460 Ontario Ltd regarding the proposed Harbourtown development. This
resolution expands and preserves the environmentally protected areas on the property and
connects with Waverly Beach Park, while providing the developer with the certainty of a
decision that will allow the development to proceed.

The parties have reached an agreement that will increase the setback of the proposed
apartment, and increase environmentally protected lands while creating three vernal ponds for
amphibian breeding. The closing of the Lakeshore Road entrance was determined to have the
greatest archeological and cultural heritage significance. An enhanced wildlife corridor was also
established connecting the northside of the property with the waterfront, allowing the
unabated flourishing of animal species of all types.

All of these agreed-upon measures will improve conditions for the Fowler’s Toad, Red-headed
Woodpecker, and other important wildlife species.

“This resolution protects public values to preserve and protect our natural and culturally
significant areas for wildlife to prosper and residents to enjoy. Council supports the expansion
of the environmental area along the Lake Erie shoreline, while bringing it into public ownership.
I’m pleased that an agreeable settlement has been reached by all parties involved.”
said Mayor Wayne Redekop.

For more information, please contact Alex Herlovitch, Interim Director of Planning and
Development Services at aherlovitch@forterie.ca – 905-871-1600 ext.2500.

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