Fort Erie On-Demand Transit service receives expansion approval from Council

FORT ERIE (May 30, 2022) – Town Council approved a report from staff proposing updates to
On-Demand Transit operations to continue providing riders with a high-performance
experience. The expansion includes purchasing three additional On-Demand vehicles and up to
$425,000 in extra operational funding to be used as needed.

In partnership with Regional Limousine, the Town runs a successful On-Demand Transit service,
seeing ridership increase to record levels since its launch on October 4, 2021. On-Demand
Transit is a shared-ride service that responds to ride requests rather than a fixed route. Travel is
optimized by computer software and is based upon rider trip requests. On-Demand Transit
operates within the entire Town allowing riders to travel from point to point without transfers.
The service transports approximately 14% of the Town’s population, compared to traditional
transit, which carried about 11%.

LOS (Level of service) is a high priority of the On-Demand Transit service. The Town has
expanded its fleet to nine to accommodate growth and meet LOS goals. The transit fleet will
now include four full-time operating vehicles, two running five hours a day during peak
operational windows, one running as needed, and two as backups in case of breakdowns or
unforeseen events. As a result, wait times can be better managed, providing riders with a more
enjoyable experience.

Starting June 1, 2022, riders looking to acquire a Smart Card (similar to a bus pass) will now
have the option to purchase and add balances at Fort Erie Town Hall and all three Fort Erie
Public Library Branches (Centennial, Crystal Ridge, and Stevensville). A single, convenient ride
costs just $3, with pre-loaded cards available for 10-rides and 30-day passes. Riders can also
download the “On Demand Transit” app (transit code = fetransit) to easily book their ride and
track the status of their on-demand transit vehicle in real-time.

“The growth of Fort Erie’s On-Demand Transit service is remarkable. The service has been able
to fulfill the needs of town residents while also making the Transit system more accessible to
new riders. I am confident that we will successfully meet the demands of expanded use as this
unique service flourishes.” said Mayor Wayne Redekop.

For more information about Fort Erie Transit please visit or contact Jennifer
Pennell-Ajie, EA to Director, IS and Division Coordinator at – 905-871-
1600 ext. 2401.

-30 –
New On-Demand Transit Card Purchase Locations:
• Fort Erie Town Hall: 1 Municipal Centre Drive, Fort Erie
• Fort Erie Public Library – Centennial Branch: 136 Gilmore Road, Fort Erie
• Fort Erie Public Library – Crystal Ridge Branch: 89 Ridge Road S, Ridgeway
• Fort Erie Public Library – Stevensville Branch: 2508 Stevensville Road, Stevensville

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