Mayor Redekop: Fort Erie Grieves with our “Good Neighbours” in Buffalo

FORT ERIE (May 16, 2022)

Statement from Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop:
“The residents of Fort Erie are shocked and horrified at the senseless shooting of
innocent people in Buffalo. The knowledge that the shooter was racially motivated is
extremely troubling. There is no place for hate and racism in our societies. We grieve
with the families of those killed and maimed yesterday, and all residents of the City of
Good Neighbours. We all have an obligation to speak out against and oppose the
ideologies that promote hate, racism and discrimination.

There are close family ties between our two communities, as well as deep friendships
among our residents and those of Buffalo. In many respects, we are one community,
connected by our history, geography and culture. This type of incident has an impact
on all of us on both sides of the border.”

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