$190,000 Community Benefit to be used towards Affordable Housing Opportunities

FORT ERIE (June 17, 2022) – As part of the development on 7 Central Avenue, the Town of
Fort Erie (TOFE) and Compass Heights Development Ltd. (CHD) have entered into a Community
Benefits Agreement pursuant to Section 37 of the Planning Act, which is of mutual benefit to
both parties.

The Town of Fort Erie will receive a cash contribution of $190,000 from Compass Heights
Development Ltd. The funds will be allocated to a dedicated account by the Town to fund a
future Community Improvement Plan for affordable housing. They shall be apportioned to
projects within the geographical area generally bounded by the Niagara River to the east,
Lakeshore Road to the south, Concession Road to the west, and Bertie Street to the north. In
turn, CHD can successfully increase the height to a 12-storey building, adding 30 additional
mixed-use units.

“I think this is an excellent project. This additional $190,000.00 to be paid to the Town will be
utilized by Council for affordable housing opportunities. That is very important to members of
Council and the developers, who have an appreciation of what the issues are in Fort Erie
concerning affordable housing,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop, “I commend them for the
the relationship they have developed with our staff and the cooperation they provided to the
Municipality in establishing this Community Benefit.”

Community Benefit is a formula-based amount paid by the developer where they request
additional building height or additional units, in exchange for a community-based financial
contribution to the municipality. In this instance, the Town of Fort Erie will be directing the
$190,000 contribution to affordable housing, as it has been deemed a key priority for the

For more information, please contact Alex Herlovitch, Interim Director of Planning and
Development Services at aherlovitch@forterie.ca – 905-871-1600 ext.2500.

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