Public Announcement: Graeber Avenue Ownership (0 Crystal Beach Drive)

During the summer of 2020, the Town of Fort Erie (Town) became aware of fencing constructed along the waterfront access point at the end of Graeber Avenue, identified on Geopedia as “0 Crystal Beach Drive”.

Town staff conducted a review in tandem with a hired title searcher. Unfortunately, the title search was unable to make a determination of ownership, leading the Town to seek legal counsel. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the Town was not the clear owner of the beach access road at the end of Graeber Ave between Crystal Beach Drive & the waterfront (please see map for reference – click to enlarge), and there was no direct indication of land ownership.

After discussions, it was Town Council’s opinion that without clear ownership, no barriers should be placed on the lands unless they can prove in a court of law that they are the rightful owners. Ultimately, a court order might be needed to confirm ownership and at this point, no further expenditures will be incurred by the Town pursuing the matter. Therefore, the Town will not maintain this portion and it is not identified as a waterfront road allowance in the Town’s Waterfront Strategy.

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