Fort Erie Town Council approves 2023 budget

FORT ERIE (February 16, 2023) Fort Erie Town Council approved in principle the 2023
budget with an increase of 0.88 percent for the Town’s portion of the residential property
tax. For the median household, this increase translates to an additional $12 per year.

When the Niagara Region and the Boards of Education levies are included, the
combined increase for residential taxpayers in Fort Erie is 6.9 percent.

“Strategic financial planning is extremely important as we continue navigating past the
pandemic. We are preparing for the next 10 years and beyond to ensure that future
generations are not left carrying a tax burden properly payable by current property
owners. This budget represents Council’s and staff’s continued commitment to the
services that our residents need, the long term sustainability of our infrastructure and
addressing the challenges of a growing community, while appreciating the affordability
concerns of our residents. Responsible financial planning has given us a strong
foundation and the ability to be flexible with our future needs, projects and initiatives,”
said Mayor Wayne Redekop.

The operating budget of $31.3 million will deliver town services and expand some
strategic areas such as industrial land development, heritage, communications and
systems. The following are a few items approved under the Town’s operating budget:
• Supervisor, Roads & Stormwater, Asset Management Co-op Student and Parks
beautification enhancements
• Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) Appeals legal costs
• Environmental Planner and temporary Parking/Bylaw Enforcement Officer
• Fire Training Officer and Communications Coordinator

The 2023 Operating Budget includes several one-time requests funded from strategic
and rate stabilization reserves. For example, a consultant to prepare Town-wide Urban
Design Guidelines and retain consultants as expert witnesses in support of Ontario
Heritage Act (OHA) and Planning Act appeals.

“The 2023 budget was developed in the midst of a number of exceptional economic and
inflationary pressures. However, it also benefits from the Town’s existing financial health
by capturing increased investment income in a fast-changing interest rate environment
and moves transit costs to the new Niagara Transit Commission. It addresses the
demands of strong development and growth by making important investments in
infrastructure, staffing needs and system enhancements. It also uses reserves to fund
temporary costs to help minimize tax increases,” said Jonathan Janzen, Director,
Corporate Services.

In addition to the Operating Budget, Town Council approved the 2023 Capital Budget
and 2024 to 2033 Forecast
. The Capital Budget consists of 59 projects with a total cost
of $26,997,835. The budget includes works related to roads, bridges, sidewalks, water,
wastewater, parks and facilities. Some of the larger Capital projects include:
• $4.5 million for the Pt. Abino Road South Reinstatement of the Shoreline
Protection and Road Reconstruction
• $2.3 million for the Douglas Park Revitalization
• $2.1 million for the 2023 Road Resurfacing program
• $1.5 million for the Financial Software Replacement

On January 23, 2023, Town Council approved Fort Erie’s 2023 Water and Wastewater
for $21,571,607, which supports high standards of service delivery at a cost
increase of 4.25 percent or $5.40 per month for the average household.

For more information about the Town’s 2023 Budget, please visit the Town’s website or
contact Town Staff.


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